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koeler LC-Power 120*120*25 LC-CF-120-TUBE-G PWM Green led

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Silicone edges
All case fans of the AiRazor series have silicone edges on the frame. These edges provide a vibration-free and low-noise connection with your computer case.

Novel design of the fan blades
Due to the newly developed design of the AiRazor fan baldes the air flow is improved and reduced the noise level to a minimum.

Long life thanks to the Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
The Fluid Dynamic Bearing of the AiRazor series are equipped with oil capsules to reduce the lost of the lubrication solvent. The result is a quieter operation and a longer life than normal bearings.

Dimensions fan (h x w x d) 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Weight (retail) 135 g
Weight (cooler) 108 g
Rated voltage 12V DC
Starting voltage 6,5V
Operating voltage range 10,8 - 13,2V
Rated current 0,014 - 0,12A
Input power 1,4W
Airflow 38,6 - 51,5 cfm (+/- 10%)
Fan speed 500 - 1200 rpm (+/- 10%)
Air pressure 1,2 - 2,44 mm/H2O
Fan blades 11
Bearing type FDB - Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Connector 4 pin (PWM thermocontrol)
Cable length 45 cm
Sound level 6,0 - 13,6 dB(A)
Material plastic, silicone
Colour black frame
green transparent fan
Lighting green LED tube
Mark of conformity CE
Accessories 4x silicone screws,
4x metal screws