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koeler ARCTIC 120*120*25 F12 TC

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The ARCTIC F TC is a temperature controlled case fan, keeping your computer temperature at optimal level without any further setup or monitoring.
No need to setup – it simply works
The ARCTIC F TC controls its speed by itself. Thanks to the temperature sensor, simply install the fan and no further adjustments or setup is required. The fan controller is set to keep the temperature between 32°C and 38°C. When the temperature is below 32°C, the fan spins slowly and silently. If the temperature continues to rise, the fan speed will increase to deliver a maximum airflow, and in turn cooling the PC more efficiently.
Efficient cooling
Equipped with nine blades to efficiently create high airflow and static pressure, the ARCTIC F TC fan is perfect for PC case ventilation. Additionally, the fluid dynamic bearing extends service life of the fan.
Optimal Flexibility
The temperature sensor of the fan is installed on a 40cm cable. This gives you great flexibility to install the sensor in a spot that emits most heat. Ideally the sensor is installed at the top of the PC case, since the temperature is highest in this area. Also the fan can be installed from both directions, blowing air into your PC case or sucking it out.

  • Diameter van koelventilator
  • 120 mm
  • Hoogte ventilator
  • 25 mm
  • Lager ventilator
  • Vloeistof-dynamische lager
  • Rotatiesnelheid
  • 400 - 1400 omw/min
  • Luchtstroom
  • 74 cfm
  • Gewicht
  • 107 g
  • Warmteopnemer & koeler
  • Functies
  • Temperatuur gestuurd
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